Jim Clement, MHA
Executive Director, Industry Relations and Financial Strategy
Aetna Pharmacy Management

Christopher Bradbury, MBA
Senior Vice President, Integrated Clinical Solutions and Specialty Pharmacy
Cigna Pharmacy Management

Alan Lotvin, MD
Executive Vice President, Specialty Pharmacy
CVS Health

Bill Martin
Vice President, Accredo Specialty Trade Relations
Express Scripts

Randy Falkenrath, MBA
Vice President, Specialty Strategy
Humana Pharmacy Solutions

Steven Michurski, MBA
Senior Vice President, Specialty Pharmacy
Magellan Rx Management

Steve Avey, RPh, MS
Vice President, Specialty Pharmacy
MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.

Michael Zeglinski, RPh
Senior Vice President, Specialty Pharmacy

Jonathan Gavras, M.D., FCCP
Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer
Prime Therapeutics