Jim Clement, MHA
Executive Director, Industry Relations and Financial Strategy

As Executive Director of Industry Relations and Financial Strategy for Aetna Pharmacy Management, Jim Clement is responsible for leading Aetna’s enterprise relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and setting formulary management strategy. Mr. Clement is responsible for all rebate and fee-for-service contracting and administration, specialty and clinical program partnerships and coordination of business-to-business strategies, including international and ACO strategies.

Prior to joining Aetna, Mr. Clement worked at Genentech in channel and distribution management focusing on the PBM and Specialty Pharmacy segments and serving as an in-house consultant in forming payer contracting and negotiating strategies. Prior to Genentech, he was the Director of Pharmaceutical Contracting at Express Scripts where he was responsible for rebate contracting and manufacturer relations.

Mr. Clement is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia and holds a Masters of Health Administration from Saint Louis University School of Public Health.