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FDA’s Impact on Drug Competition – Matrix Global Advisors

While the FDA's core mission is to protect the public heath by ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs (among other products), the agency also makes it a priority to facilitate drug innovation.

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What tools do PBMs use?

The total costs and utilization of specialty drugs will have a substantial impact on overall health care costs during the next decade.

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What is a biosimilar?

With numerous specialty drug patents expiring in the next five years, manufacturers are readying new biosimilars for introduction into the market.

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Specialty Drug Trends

Complex, innovative, and high-priced specialty drugs are entering the United States health care market at a rapid rate.

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What services do specialty pharmacies provide?

Specialty pharmacy services are designed for a small, but growing population of patients with relatively complex and chronic diseases that require expensive and challenging drug regimens.

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What is a specialty drug?

Specialty drugs are best defined by the full range of each product’s attributes, rather than solely by cost and route of administration.

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