Mail-service and specialty pharmacies will save consumers, employers, unions, and government plans a combined $311 billion over the next decade, according to research from Visante. Home delivery of traditional and specialty drugs offers one of the easiest ways to reduce health care costs.

The growth of and other online retailers that use home delivery shows that consumers prefer convenience and cost savings. For patients with chronic conditions like high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis, mail-service pharmacies save patients money and offer the convenience of getting prescriptions delivered directly to their location of choice.

The benefits of mail-service pharmacies include:

  • Providing superior safety in drug delivery,
  • Supporting payer plan design,
  • Improving patient adherence,
  • Increasing efficiency,
  • Offering patients access to around the clock counseling and support,
  • Minimizing “waste” that occurs at drugstores,
  • Providing advanced clinical management programs, and
  • Ensuring the value of therapy is being optimized at the lowest possible cost.

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