February 8, 2016

The rapid and ever-changing landscape of the specialty pharmacy industry presents a multitude of challenges and opportunities for our health care system. In response, sPCMA was established as a division of PCMA to provide thought leadership and advocacy to the industry on matters of public policy, industry relations, and the value of specialty pharmacies.

sPCMA’s mission is to:

  • Define and promote the value of specialty pharmacy;
  • Illuminate emerging policy issues affecting the industry;
  • Serve as a public voice on matters related to specialty pharmacy; and
  • Provide a forum for members to engage opinion leaders, policymakers, and other authorities.

As part of sPCMA’s continued growth, we are pleased to announce the launch of this website and the release of The Management of Specialty Drugs white paper. These platforms allow us to demonstrate the value that PBMs and specialty pharmacies provide, as well as the policy and industry priorities of our members.

Payers rely on PBMs to manage the use of, and payment for, specialty drugs. PBM tools, including the use of specialty pharmacies, improve the quality and continuity of care patients receive and ensure they derive the greatest value from their medications. Over the next ten years, PBMs and specialty pharmacies will save payers and patients an estimated total of $250 billion on the cost of specialty medications and related non-drug medical costs when compared to what expenditures would be with limited use of PBMs and specialty pharmacies.

With this in mind, sPCMA looks forward to serving the industry as a venue and platform for specialty pharmacy thought leadership and advocacy.

View paperThe Management of Specialty Drugs